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  1. Members must register themselves and all guests with the Golf Shop prior to play or practice.

  2. All play will begin on the #1 tee.  Starting play on any other tee is allowed only with the permission of the golf professional or starter.  Playing groups must be organized before going to the tee.  Players must be on the tee ready to strike the ball at the designated tee time.

  3. Each golfer signed to play a round of golf must have a set of clubs and a bag.  Two players may not play from the same bag.

  4. Metal or any hard spikes are not permitted anywhere on the grounds.

  5. Each group shall include one member unless approved by the Golf Pro.

  6. Practice is permitted only on the driving range and on the practice green unless authorized by the Golf Pro.

  7. Golfers who fall behind the recommended pace of play must invite faster players to play through or the ranger may require them to skip a hole.  In keeping with the tradition of the game, the Club endorses the four-hour round of golf.  It is each golfer's responsibility to make sure that his group keeps its position on the course and completes play in 4 hours for 18 holes and 2 hours for 9 holes. 

  8. Children shall attain a basic playing ability and knowledge of the rules and etiquette of golf in order to be qualified by the professional to play unaccompanied. 

  9. Those players who wish to have an established handicap must post their scores in the computer.  Members not having enough scores for a handicap and wishing to play in a tournament will be rated by the GICC Handicap Committee regarding eligibility and handicap.  Golfers under the age of 21 are not eligible to enter tournaments unless the GICC Handicap Committee or the Golf Professional authorizes such participation.  Annual fee for establishing a handicap, which is billed in January. 

  10. The Golf Course Superintendent is responsible for maintaining and marking the golf course in proper condition as well as determining when the course is playable. 

  11. When the course is closed on Mondays or other such times, there shall be no play or practice without prior approval of the Golf Committee and the Board of Directors.

  12. The Golf Professional or Starter has the authority to schedule players with other players and will expect the cooperation of the membership in forming groups for play.  Singles and twosomes have no priority on the course and must defer to larger groups.

  13. Starting times will be granted one week in advance and may be obtained either in person or via phone.  The Pro Shop may be called directly at 706-324-3706. 

  14. Men's and ladies' locker rentals are available for a yearly fee. .  This fee is billed in December.  Lost locker keys (members are given two keys each) will result in a $20 fee to re-key the lock cylinder.

  15. Personal coolers are not allowed on the Club property at any time.  Beverages should be obtained through the Wilbur Reese Grill or the Terrace Lounge.

  16. All golfers, either on the course or practice area will immediately and without question return to the Clubhouse after hearing a severe weather warning air-horn, or the county emergency warning system siren of severe weather in the area.

  17. Restrooms are strategically located on the course or in the Clubhouse, and their use is encouraged. 

  18. Any items that are property of GICC should not leave the premises. 

In setting out these rules for the governing of play, it is the intent of the Golf Committee to assure maximum enjoyment and safety for all golfers.  It is hoped that the pride we have in our Club and consideration for our fellow members will make the enforcement of any of these rules unnecessary.  However, failure to abide by these golf rules shall be reported to the Golf Committee or the Board of Directors for the appropriate disciplinary action.

  1. Each golfer is presumed to know all of the rules set out herein.

  2. USGA Rules will govern play except where modified by posted Local Rules.  All players are expected to observe these rules and abide by golf etiquette.  A copy of the Rules of Golf book is available in the Golf Shop.

  1. A member shall not have the use of a cart unless properly signed for.  Players may carry their own bag or use a golf pull/push-cart at any time. Private golf carts are not permitted.

  2. All persons driving a cart must have a valid drivers license or learners permit.  Members and spouses are responsible for their guests and children. It is each drivers responsibility to be completely familiar with all golf cart safety procedures, including not allowing children to drive a cart.

  3. At no time are there to be more than two adult riders in a cart or on a cart.  Members are not permitted to ride in the bag well of golf cart.

  4. here should be two riders per cart when feasible. Members who continually ride by themselves when others in their group are available to ride with will be charged accordingly.

  5. The Golf Course Superintendent may prohibit the use of golf carts at any time he considers that such usage might be detrimental to the Course. At his/her discretion, he/she may allow riding in roughs. Careful adherence to these rules will protect the Course and may allow for more frequent use of carts during marginal conditions. The following rules normally are posted:

    a) Cart Path Only (without exception). Under no conditions may anyone, including red flag users, drive a golf cart off any paved surface.

    b) Cart Path Only (with exception of red flag users).  Red flag users will be allowed to drive carts in the rough and cross fairways at 90R to the opposite rough. The crossing of the fairways should be done to avoid low and wet areas.

    c) Red Flags Permitted. "Red Flags" for medically compromised golfers are available through application with a Doctor's verification. The Doctors note should be addressed to the Golf Professional who will present such requests to the Golf Committee on a monthly basis for action.  These are granted for a six-month period and must be renewed. No carts are permitted within 12 paces of the green.

    d) 90° Rule in Effect. All golfers are permitted cart access to their ball, taking the shortest distance from path-to-ball and back-to-path.

  6. Carts (including Red Flags) are prohibited around all greens or getting closer than 12 paces from the edge of green or tee (except on a path).  No cart shall be driven on any slope, hill, or mound around a green.  If the cart parking area by the green on each hole is within 12 paces from the edge of the green, Red Flag users must also park there. Please park carts directly in the middle of the cart path, especially around tee boxes and greens.  Wet or worn places should be avoided and all cart signs, ropes and markers shall be obeyed.

  7. Blue Line - All carts must stay behind the posted blue lines except those who have been issued a red flag, but they must still adhere to the 12 paces and parking area rule above.

  8. Carts must be turned in 30 minutes before dusk.  Junior golfers (16-18 years of age with valid driver's license) must turn in carts to the cart staging area prior to the Pro Shop closing time.

  9. All golf carts must be returned to the staging area following play or practice.  Please do not leave carts in the parking lot or anywhere else as this is a safety concern.

Keeping our course at the highest standard requires that all Members adhere to the following:

  1. Divots should be filled with sand and ball marks must be repaired properly. Complimentary divot tools are available in the golf shop.

  2. Bunkers must be raked after shots have been played.

  3. The course must be kept clean by using all trash receptacles located on the course.

  4. Observing and obeying all cart path rules and notices.

  1. Practice will be permitted only in designated areas. Practice on, to or from regular tees, greens and fairways are strictly prohibited unless authorized by the Golf Pro.

  2. Golfers must hit from the designated areas on the range and must stay between the markers. Do not hit range balls over the net. We have regular and limited flight range balls. Anyone capable of hitting over the net must use the limited flight balls.

  3. Range practice balls are the property of the Club and are not to be removed from the practice range. Golfers hitting or using range balls anywhere on the course are subject to disciplinary action.

  4. Club storage and cleaning are provided for a yearly fee, which is billed in August.

  5. No member shall enter the bag room at any time unless accompanied by a staff member.

  1. Guests must always be accompanied by a Member.  Residents of Muscogee County and the contiguous counties are restricted from Saturday play unless pre-approved by the golf professional. Residents are restricted to playing privileges four times per calendar year. Resident guests may play on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, or Sunday. Participation in the Member Tournaments does not count against the four visits.

  2. Nonresident guests may play at any time throughout the year without limit to the number of visits.

  3. Nonresident Members are allowed to play at any time, but must pay the applicable guest fees.

  4. The sponsoring Member shall assume all responsibility for the guests' awareness of all rules and regulations. The Member further accepts responsibility for all guest charges and for the conduct of their guests.

  • All members and guests shall be in proper attire.

  • Men's shirts must have collars or mock turtlenecks and sleeves and must be tucked in.

  • Ladies' shirts must have collars or they may wear dress T-tops.

  • Men's and Ladies' shorts must be Bermuda length.

  • Tennis or gym attire, sweat pants, blue jeans, cutoffs, and tank tops are not considered appropriate golfing attire.

  • Soft-spike or spikeless golf shoes are required on the golf course and practice facilities.  Juniors (17 years or younger) may wear tennis shoes.

  • It is the responsibility of the member to inform their guest(s) of the proper attire.

  • The Board of Directors has the right to adjust what is considered proper attire.


  • Summer Hours
  • Winter Hours
  • Range Hours

March through October

TUESDAYS - FRIDAYS     8:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.

WEEKDAYS & HOLIDAYS  7:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.



November through February

TUESDAYS - FRIDAYS       8:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.

WEEKDAYS & HOLIDAYS   7:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.



Driving Range Hours

TUESDAYS - FRIDAYS   8:00 a.m. to dusk

WEEKDAYS & HOLIDAYS   7:00 a.m. to dusk